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Do you know that your children will eat only what you have available in your house?

children will eat what is availableDr. Fuhrman’s book says Kids will eat what is available in his book Disease-Proof Your Child: Feeding Kids Right.  If you stock your pantry with healthy food instead of processed food, they will eat it! without coaxing, coercion, etc.  A child who refuses to eat fruits and vegetables and only eats chocolates, chips, cookies and french fries, does because all of these junk food is available.  It is our fault as a parents that children are eating candies, pizzas, donuts, sodas and chips.  Children will not starve to death if you do not provide them what they want.

I really think that to get your kids to eat healthy food, you just have to be a little bit creative, sneaky and very patient.  if you take away junk food and spend some time for your kids to get them to eat healthy foods, then you will save them from a lifetime of difficulty.  Creating healthy food habits has it own rewards, you will see them more energetics, more focus and more even-tempered.  You can try some simple and fund ways to get kids to eat healthy foods below.

Get and offer Healthy and Convenient Snacks:

First, do not buy more chocolates, candies, chips cookies.  Fill the refrigerator with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables and meat, poultry and fish instead of stoking with sugary and processed foods.  Create snack packs made from cut up fruits and veggies and cheese.  Also, maintain fruit in a bowl where it is simple to see and easily reachable for children.

Create Fun Shapes and Sizes with Food:

You can use cookie cutters in place of using just cutting cookies.  Children love the foods like sandwiches which are cut into different shapes and sizes.  Prepare food in the which is liked by your children.

Be a Role Model:

For the whole family, Children love the inevitability of family meals and parents also have an opportunity to reconnect with their children.  Improving the healthy eating habits puts the pressure on you to eat a well-balanced and well-proportioned meal.  Also,  recent study has shown that food tastes of kids are considerably associated to foods that their mothers liked and disliked. Let your child see you order or prepare a fresh salad rather a burger and fries may encourage child to do the same.

Your children’s Fat Fate is in you hands…

It is time for health action, Mom.  The absolute best personalized baby gift you can give your child is healthy lifestyle from infancy to adolescence. If you really want to take action of your child health I suggest you Kid approved meals e-bbok. This great book and manual will help you start creating good food habits and recipes for your kids.

Kid approved meals by Christine Steendahl:  includes 13 Weeks (5 days per week) of Tried and True Breakfast and Lunch Ideas that your kids are sure to love; along with Categorized Grocery Shopping Lists For Each Menu.  We will introduce a variety of easy recipes that will inspire creativity in the kitchen.  This book really help you gain variety and organization for mealtime.  The menus inside this book will help you remember that certain kid friendly foods are available, as well as provide you with creative new ideas to try.

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Everybody think that good parents are usually those who care about health, safety, morals, education and nutrition; but nobody says anything about quality time with their children creating family activities, and family crafts.

Yes, passing quality time with family and make family activities helps build relationships and bonds a family together. When a child is born in the delivery room, it does not automatically mean a family bond in born also. But then, we don’t think twice about playing with babies, helping them learn and having fun. This should help making time for family activities an easy habit to keep, throughout from baby to adolescent, and beyond.

Another reason that this type of family bonding is essential is that these family activities are very important in forming lasting memories, which your children will take with them into adult life, and pass onto their own children. Wouldn’t you want to make sure that there is a never ending amount of tales to tell?

Now days, in this digital day and age, it is so much easier to capture these memories on digital cameras, smart cell phones or digital video recorders, that can be saved into their own cell phones, DVD’s or home computer drives. Do you know what this means for your child? They won’t just have to reply on their memories of the good family time days and other good times, but will have them recorded, ready to jog their minds if need be.

Okay so what type of family activities can you incorporate into your household? You can make sure that you all sit down at the table together, whenever possible (at least once a week depending on after school activities), and share your thoughts, relax and enjoy some good food and talk together.

Making Family fun crafts, is something that you can all sit around that table doing, as well. You can all work on the same craft project together, or have separate ones that can help create a family art gallery! Remember crafts could be fun and educational at same time, as you can have projects to teach your children good habits and money management skills like painting and personalizing kids piggy banks.  If you are not inspired or you don’t know how to paint stuff for your children or piggy banks you could take a look on NanyCrafts to see some crafts designs.

Family activities don’t have to be expensive – you can let your children help you cook cakes and cookies (when old enough), play board games or do a something together, play a game of ball outside, to name a few things. Just make sure to interact with your kids, see them smile, and let them enjoy themselves, you can’t go far wrong.

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