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Do you want to know why I love so much baby onesies?

if I don't sleep nobody sleeps baby onesieI love to hear the Arr,grrrr,awww… when a baby is wearing cute baby onesies. The sweet gurgles of the babies is so charming and refreshing for the parents , their friends and families too. The gurgles are heard if the baby is happy. The baby is happy if the baby is comfortable. And comfort of a baby depends on the funny baby onesie that the baby wears.

It is not only difficult but a mess too if the baby wears a pant and shirt all day through, or a frilly frock, for that matter. Not for the baby, of course, who hardly even knows that it wears something or needs to wear something, it is for the mom. The mom with her hands full of cooking, cleaning, washing, nursing, needs something easy on her baby, to put on and take off too. And here, the personalized onesies come into being.

Over the head, and snap between the legs, with one hand, a mom can manage to put the funny onesie on. For a change of diapers, just opening the snap at the snap of your fingers is all it takes. Change the diaper, snap it back on and the baby is good to go-into your arms or crawling all over the house!

Baby onesies are available in white as well as different pleasant colors, but graphic onesies are sort after more. A ‘Caution-I’m allergic to you!’ or ‘if I don’t sleep, nobody sleeps’ could be what would make your baby more cute and charming. Or you could tease the dad with“I am cute, my mom is cute and dad is so… Lucky!” Get religious with “I may be small… But I serve a Big God” or ‘Christamy’ with “Who wants Santa, I got Grandma”. Choices are more, onesies are more, cute babies are more, what else can one ask for?! For once, just a onesie!

I may be small but I serve a big God baby onesie
funny baby onesie

Diaper Loading please wait – Funny Baby onesie

Buying gifts for little tykes has always been a bit of a challenge. Toys can be iffy sometimes, and getting something for Mom or Dad is a bit of a cop out. Well,NanyCrafts now has the perfect solution to this age old dilemma; personalized onesies.

You see, funny baby onesies are a gift that everyone can appreciate.  They are functional as well as amusing, and all of our personalized baby onesiesare extremely high-quality, meaning the lucky child will be able to get years’ worth of enjoyment out of the garments. Our funny baby onesies also come in all sorts of messages. Some are humorous, some are heart-warming, some are religious, but all of thepersonalized onesies are perfect for gifting.

 We truly have baby bodysuits for nearly every sentiment or occasion you can imagine. We’ve even got a line designed for grandparents to show off how much they love the little one! So if you’re looking for a great gift to give, look no further than personalized onesies from NanyCrafts.

 They’re novel, functional, extremely affordable, and are an all-around excellent value. While you’re taking a look at the custom baby bodysuits, take a peep around the other parts of their site as well; you’ll find quite a bit worth looking at on NanyCrafts.

All american Baby Giraffe onesie

All american Baby Giraffe onesie

Happy 4th of July Whale patriotic baby onesie

Happy 4th of July Whale patriotic baby onesie

My First 4th of July Dino baby onesie

My First 4th of July Dino baby onesie

My first 4th of July baby onesie

My first 4th of July baby onesie

I love this new collection of baby onesies from NanyCrafts.  Please go to or to see more details and order!

Im proog that my mommy puts out funny baby onesie

Im proog that my mommy puts out funny baby onesie

looking for hilarious and funny baby onesies?

Funny baby onesies have become the sounding board for parent’s views. Logos and sayings are printed on the fronts, backs and bottoms of baby onesies shouting out opinions on everything from politics to infant’s remarks like “If you Think my mom is Hot, you are right”.

If you think my mom is hot you are right baby onesie

If you think my mom is hot you are right baby onesie

Mommys little angel baby onesie

Mommys little angel baby onesie

Perhaps this is the reason for the modern trends in funny baby onesies; it’s hard for even the most hard hearted stranger to ignore a cute newborn. While the pretty baby is being admired and commented on; the sayings or wording on the funny baby onesies are read and the message is sent. The message is delivered and the jokes make everybody laugh; mission accomplished.

Oh, Not to mention that this may be the only time in a lifelong relationship that the baby says exactly what mommy and daddy want to hear. They can thank funny baby onesiesfor this once in a lifetime opportunity when their voice and their child’s can speak as one.

I personally love the funny sayings on baby onesies that are printed to seem like the baby is talking to you! for that reason I come back with this adorable, hilarious and funny baby onesies post! Go to and find tons for funny baby onesies, custom baby onesies and personalized baby onesies that will fit your laugh needs!!!

Win 2 baby onesies with Father’s day design from NanyCrafts

I love my daddy baby onesies

Father’s day is just around the corner and NanyCrafts has announce its giveaway for Father’s day!  Those baby onesies are perfect to show new Daddy the admiration and pure love.  If you are a new Daddy, any relatives is becoming a new Daddy or someone you know is expecting a new baby… Don’t miss the oportunity to grab 2 of personalized baby onesie – fathers’s design from NanyCrafts for FREE!…

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Do you want to know all NanyCrafts designs for daddy?

NanyCrafts sells on and its Own Website:

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How Could I win?

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Posted on: April 19, 2012

Enter now to our Facebook fan page and win one of those adorable baby onesies for Mothers Day… We will pick the winners on May 1st and we guarantee the winner receive the baby onesie by May 7th. So do not miss the opportunity to win one of NanyCrafts’s baby onesies.
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Good look to everyone!

NanyCrafts Baby Gifts

My first mothers day pink and brown birdsFree baby onesie – Mother’s Day

NanyCrafts has announce its first giveaway of the 2012 year and it couldn’t be better time than Mother’s Day.  If you are an expecting Mother, any relatives is becoming a new Mommy or someone you know is expecting a new baby… Don’t miss the oportunity to grab one of personalized baby onesie – Mother’s design from NanyCrafts for FREE!…

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