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Hi Readers,

My name is John Vanegas proud father of Sophia (Tangled in this picture…), Isabella (Belle…), and my new baby Manuella (Born to be…) and lucky husband of my adorable wife Nany. I am CEO of NanyCrafts personalized baby gifts and full time blogger; I’ve found and write for three blogs (NanyCrafts blog, NanyCrafts in Spanish blog, how to make money online in Spanish) and I’ve created more than 10 unique Squidoo lens from scratch.  I share my time in my online business, blogging and with my family.

NanyCrafts Personalized baby gifts is an online boutique founded in January 2009 by me and my beautiful wife Nany Palacio.  After many years of working for companies and create baby gifts for all of our relatives, we decide to undertake the challenge of offering the market in South Florida, a new concept of personalized gifts for babies.

Initially we began designing personalized baby onesies with funny messages for Daddy, mommy, aunts and humor sayings.  From the beginning there was a great acceptance by our customers in a local mall,  and by their own needs, NanyCrafts personalized baby gifts started to explore and we moved forward increasing new lines with more options of customized and personalized baby gifts. In this way in mid-February of that year went on the store at the beautiful kids jewelry boxes for girls hand painted and personalized with unique and exclusive designs. In early March, my wife and I erupt again the look of their prestigious local clients by bringing a personalized diaper cakes, Kid’s kids piggy banks hand-painted and personalized, which in turn becomes a great choice for baby showers, baptisms, birthdays and even college funds. Thanks to those, NanyCrafts personalized baby gifts not only offer gifts for new born and children, but also for babies who aren’t born yet and given the opportunity to its customers in selecting the perfect gift for baby showers.

Then,  in May we decide to start our online business with our already prof products, we create our first website and our first Etsy shop.

I have to tell you the true…  Our first website was a failure…  I spend more than 6 months creating and optimizing for myself this website but we never received traffic from search engines and we did not made any sale!  In other hands, our shop in etsy, help us to believe that online business is the key of success and we made our first sales after 10 days of open our shop and we keep selling very good.

Today, NanyCrafts is a strengthened online boutique with many expansion projects, in both size and variety of products, leaving aside its main goal: See our Customers smile of happiness as well as satisfy customers in any need or whim when they come to gifts or to consent to the new creature of God has brought into this world.

Despite being a very young company, NanyCrafts have filled of happiness a thousands of new parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and even friends with a very unique, exclusive and incomparable quality gift for their babies from new born until their become a teenager.

As from the day of its opening, We have always been given the task of innovating and catch the eyes of our customers with a simple fascinate, cuddly and innovative concept.

Thank you for your time, please subscribe in this blog for much more information, news, updates and our lives.


3 Responses to "About Me and NanyCrafts"

I made a purchase yesterday on line at nanycrafts and need someone to contact me ASAP pertaining to my order.

Caren Lehman 419-345-4183 ore email at

thank you.

Thank you Caren for your order, We already took notes for your personalization instructions by Phone, We already complete your order and we will ship it today! Thanks again

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