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New epidemic: Fat kids – Don’t Let Yours Be One of Them!

Posted on: September 7, 2011

Today’s children are receiving a one-two punch of bad nutrition. Not only do families have less time to cook, but healthy activities like tag and sports are giving way to indoor pastimes like playing static video games, pass several time using their computers, tablets, cellphones or just watching tv. You don’t have to read the newspaper or watch the news to find that out. Just take a look at kids at the mall or in the schoolyard, the current generation of children is showing a clear decline in their general standards of health.

Almost 20% of US Children and Adolescents are officially obese

With the statistics for child obesity, child diabetes, and related illnesses rising year by year, this is definitely the time to make nutrition a priority. Luckily, studies have also shown that children who learn good nutrition habits tend to keep these good habits throughout adulthood.

Perhaps you just don’t have the time to get creative and think about what you are going to serve for breakfast and lunch every single day.  Maybe it is just easier to hand over the macaroni, day in and day out, to steer clear of the meltdown your toddler might have if you don’t serve his favorite meal?

You Need Quick And Easy Meals Your Kids Will love Eat!

However, that does not mean you need to serve the same foods every single day.  There are many fun and easy breakfast and lunch recipes for kids.  How about Breakfast Pizza or Cheese and Meat Pinwheels to change things up a bit?  It is important for the nutrition of our children to have a balanced assortment of foods in their diet.  In addition, their little taste buds need to be exposed to variety to help them learn to appreciate various foods as they grow.

You could find a lot of great resources on Internet that helps you introduce healthy and balance food to your child, below I list a great book could look for a great healty daily meal ideas:

Kid Approved Meal by Christine Steendahl:  includes 13 Weeks (5 days per week) of Tried and True Breakfast and Lunch Ideas that your kids are sure to love; along with Categorized Grocery Shopping Lists For Each Menu.  We will introduce a variety of easy recipes that will inspire creativity in the kitchen.  This book really help you gain variety and organization for mealtime.  The menus inside this book will help you remember that certain kid friendly foods are available, as well as provide you with creative new ideas to try.

Your Baby’s Fat Fate is in you hands…

It is time for health action, Mom.  The absolute best personalized baby gift you can give your child is healthy lifestyle from infancy to adolescence.


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[…] New epidemic: Fat kids – Don’t Let Yours Be One of Them! […]

[…] New epidemic: Fat kids – Don’t Let Yours Be One of Them! […]

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