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Great christmas book

Posted on: September 1, 2011

Christmas is just around the corner and I Know you are saving money for presents, I know you want to give a special gift on Christmas that won’t break, the book I suggest you below is a great guide and it will help you out to choose the perfect present on this holiday season! Price? Wow it is so accessible you could buy it on a kindle format for just $5.60 or paperback $7.00 new! What a great deal

Christmas Gifts That Won’t Break

What are the Christmas gifts that won’t break? They are those gifts that cannot be lost, that never go out of style, and that are independent of the chances and changes of life. They are the gifts that have been graciously given by God.Designed to be used in conjunction with the Adult and Children’s versions in an all-church Advent study, this study will focus on four of those gifts that also coincide with the four outer candles of the traditional Advent wreath: * Hope * Love * Joy * PeaceOrder one book for each youth in your class, plus a book for each leader. You may also want to order an extra book so youth visiting your class during the Advent season can participate. During this 4-week study, youth will receive from God and pass on to others “Christmas Gifts That Won’t Break!”


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