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Early stimulation for babies.

Posted on: August 2, 2011

Your baby could read

Your baby not only could learn to read, he really want to do it. The greatest interest of any infant is learning. Learning is the most interesting thing in their lives, more than anything else in the world; They are more interested in learning than eat, so we should take time to stimulate their intelligence.

The best time to teach them to read, mat or speak in other languages is in they first three years.  Since the 60’s Dr. Glenn Doman has been teaching infants of twelve months to read, with great success.

It seeks to strengthen the natural abilities of your baby. There is no trick. Your baby is a potential genius and if you work on it, you can enjoy all their intellectual and emotional resources.

Check This Incredible video I found on YouTube…

How to do it?

Familiarize the name of the baby with objects in his own room.

There are many techniques in the market and you could find them easily on Internet, but you could start with his room decoration. Trying personalizing his toys box, piggy bank, jewelry box, wall clock, rocking chair, book caddy etc. and show them frequently repeating his name, that helps a lot to start recognizing letters and its sounds; this is a good start to teach your baby to read and stimulus him.  If you don’t feel inspired to personalized for yourself his belongings, you could check  a website like NanyCrafts and look great personalized baby gifts designs.


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